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Perspective: Ores Mod

Author of the Perspective: Ores Mod: Owlchemist

Perspective: Ores Mod is a tiny graphical mod that makes the color shader of ores dynamic. It will color-match to any surrounding rocks to help sell the illusion that it is a part of the rockface, blending right in.

Perspective: Ores Mod features


Q. Is this compatible with ?
A. It works with any modded ores that utilize the two-color channel graphics like the vanilla ores do. If it doesn’t, it will just appear as it normally would.

Q. Is there a performance impact?
A. No, dormant code. Its code is only doing anything when the map loads in during the setup process. This is a lightweight mod only needing a single harmony patch to operate.

Q. Ores are harder to visually spot?
A. Well yes, that is one side effect. If it becomes a real problem, you could try ZiTools Object Seeker.

Compatibility notes

  • Save game compatible, as this mod does not touch your save file, it is purely graphical.
  • If an ore does not look right, you can blacklist its colors from being altered in the mod options.


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