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Ornithopter Mod

Author of the Ornithopter Mod: Happycam

Based on the ornithopters from the recent Dune movies, the Ornithopter Mod intends to add a similar ornithopter into the rimworld game, perfect not just for Dune enthusiasts, but those who want a fast and cool vehicle to play around with.

Ornithopter Mod features

The ornithopter is an advance spacer level aircraft that can carry only 2 people, and is of considerably large size, but is incredibly fast and strong with a decent cargo hold.


Q: Why can’t I rotate the ornithopter when landing?
A: This is an issue regarding the Vehicle Framework, so this isn’t an issue due to this Mod.

Q: Why does the blades not move when taking off and landing?
A: Could not make the blades look like they are vibrating like they are supposed to. Animating like a helicopter or simply putting a still, vibrating effect onto the blades texture would not look as good as simply having the blades rested. The only way to make the vibrating blades look good is if we make it move the texture by only a few degrees which the VF does not have supported. I am not a coder so it is simply easier to have them still.

Q: Is this CE compatible?
A: Yes, assuming Vehicle Framework is compatible too.

Compatibility notes

Simplified Chinese 简体中文 translations by AmCh.
Traditional Chinese 繁體中文 translations by AmCh.
Spanish translations by LordXamon.
Russian translations by Mindew.

If you know any other languages fluently and want to see a translation of the ornithopter added, please message me on discord and I’d gladly integrate it into the mod!

Copyright protected under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 DEED[creativecommons.org]. Mod made by me, with translations by those credited above in the translations tab.

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