Organic Ideology Mod

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Authors of the Organic Ideology Mod: rako, VaSteR

This mod intends to make your Ideology develop more organically over time through your colonists mixing with other cultures.

My first RimWorld mod, doesn’t come with much more but I do plan to develop it further later.

Note, I recommend using it on custom-made ideologies that your faction doesn’t share with anybody else. If you share this ideology with another faction, they’ll adopt the changes as well. (There’s a setting to restrict ideology change if it isn’t the one you started with)

Another note, the ideology that changes over time is the one that has the most members (aka, is the primary ideology of your colony) – If your starting ideology has only 2 members, and your other ideology has 3 members, it’ll be your starting ideology that influences the other ideology.

Report bugs & issues to a public Issue Tracker.

Organic Ideology Mod features

Adds a single incident that happens once or twice every year or so – If your colony is a mixed ideology colony (meaning it has more than 2 ideologies), then a new incident will happen where it’ll pick a range (configurable) of random precepts from the other ideology. If the changed ideology considers Apostasy horrible or are generally bigoted against diversity, this change will upset them for a few days. This incident is optional, meaning you’ll be presented with an option to not accept those changes into your ideology.

Planned features

Planning to add a visitor event where a preacher visits your colony and tries to spread their own truths which you can choose to adopt. Bigoted pawns against the idea of diversity will expect you to imprison the visitor, though.

Over the upcoming few days I’ll be working on a map event that’s a cultural festival, where you’ll have a chance of adopting some new cultures.

Compatibility notes

Should be compatible with everything but the Multiplayer mod because of inherent randomness of the precept picker. I lack the knowledge for now to fix that.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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