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[O21] Illithids Race Mod

Author of the [O21] Illithids Race Mod: Neronix17

The [O21] Illithids Race Mod is a Forgotten Realms based mod adding the Illithid race, also known as Mind Flayers.

[O21] Illithids Race Mod features

  • New Race: Illithids
  • Start scenario with an Elder Brain Jar, an item required for building the new Elder Brain structure.
  • The Elder Brain structure passively builds up a few Illithid tadpoles which can be extracted for use in a new surgery option, this will convert any pawn into an Illithid through ceramosis, a process in which the tadpole replaces the brain of the host and transforms them into an Illithid. I’ve said Illithid too much.

Race Stats

  • Psychic Entropy Max – 80 (default – 30)
  • Psychic Entropy Recovery Rate – 12 (default – 8)
  • Psychic Entropy Gain 0.3 (default – 1)


Version 1.5
[O21] Illithids Race Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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