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Numbers Mod

Author of the Numbers Mod: Mehni

The Numbers mod adds a customizable general overview tab, allowing you to see any stats on all your colonists or prisoners in a single window. Quickly compare colonists to see who your best doctor is, or to assign gear optimally.

Numbers Mod Features

  • Customizable overview tab, displays as many columns as you can fit on your screen.
  • Displays Stats, Skills, Needs, Gear, Queued jobs, Pawn Records, etc etc.
  • Prisoner and medical controls, equipment overview, current job.
  • A Medical Tab that’s better than Fluffy’s Medical Tab.
  • Mass assign zones. Ctrl + Shift + Click the header of a zone just above the zone you want to assign all pawns to that zone.
  • Works with colonists, prisoners, enemies, animals, wild animals, and even corpses.
  • Presets! Save, load, move and share your custom layouts. Store them as default.


  • Slide and reorganise columns as you see fit. Reorderable headers!
  • Click headers to sort by stat and compare.
  • Click to jump to colonist.
  • Right-click headers to close.
  • Draggable options for things like: prisoner interaction, all checkmarks. Try it on outfits, medical care, hostility response mode and be pleasantly surprised.

Compatibility  notes

If you experience it breaking, send me a HugsLib log. Most errors can be recovered by loading a saved default or preset.

Keybinding conflict: Numbers uses Z as a hotkey to open its main window. Z is the only regular key not yet taken by RimWorld. Every mod will want to use it so it will collide sooner or later. If you run into this conflict, open the keybinding settings in the options menu. You can decide for yourself which mod is allowed to lay claim to the coveted Z button. The situation is unfortunate but as it is a user setting, it’s easily fixed.

Original idea and implementation of Numbers by Koisama. Rewritten, updated, expanded and maintained by Mehni.

Much thanks to Maarxx for adding support for Royalty.

Links: Steam, Ludeon, GitHub.

English: Mehni
Russian: JasKill
Chinese (simplified): AlongWY
German: Amalek
Spanish: Crusader

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