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Nuff’s Auto-Patcher for Combat Extended Mod

Author of the Nuff’s Auto-Patcher for Combat Extended Mod: Nuff

Autopatches things from mods that lack a CE patch. This is not a replacement for custom-written patches, but makes unpatched mods more usable than with the built-in CE autopatcher, until a real patch is available.

Nuff’s Auto-Patcher for Combat Extended Mod features

Mods to patch must be selected manually in the mod settings. Don’t select mods that are already compatible, strange things happen. Has adjustable settings to allow you enable or disable patching of weapons, apparels, hediffs, and pawns, as well as being able to adjust the values used for patching. It is necessary to disable CE’s built-in autopatchers for whatever you want this mod to patch i.e. if you want this mod to patch weapons, turn off CE’s weapon patcher. FYI: You don’t need to restart the game after selecting mods to patch, but you DO need to restart if you change which things to patch (i.e. setting it to patch apparels). This feature can be buggy, but it will try to patch newly selected mods as soon as you close the settings window.

This mod represents a difference in philosophy compared to CE’s built-in auto-patcher. The built-in CE patcher errs on the side of caution when patching things, and tries to do as little as is necessary to make things compatible. This works well to prevent errors and make mods functional, but doesn’t preserve their balance or uniqueness. That’s why with the CE autopatcher, you’ll see things like spacer-tier armor with lower armor values than tribal armor. Or grenade launchers that fire 7.62x51mm NATO.

This auto-patcher, however, tries to maintain the relative balance between the non-CE and CE version of an item. I.e, if an armor is 10% better than marine armor without CE, my mod will hopefully make it 10% better than the CE-patched marine armor. The values used for this can be changed in the mod settings under “Balance Control”, if you think my numbers are off. Also attempts to apply appropriate stat offsets, like smoke sensitivity to headgears, or bulk carrying capacity to armors.

Compatibility notes

Still needs a lot of playtesting, so be sure to let me know if you encounter any problems. Please include as much detail as possible; ideally send me your full error log, as well as the name of the mod whose content is causing problems.

Known problems at this time:

You can select mods that are already CE-compatible, and it makes them ridiculous. Not sure yet how to filter them out.
Weapons with too high of a mass can prevent ammo from spawning in the pawn’s inventory, for example Kraltech mech bosses.

Check out the Github: https://github.com/Merwini/AutoPatcherCombatExtended

You can find me on the main RimWorld Discord (and a ton of other RimWorld servers), just look for Nuff.

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