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Nephilim Xenotype Mod

Author of the Nephilim Xenotype Mod: Sovereign

The Nephilim Xenotype Mod adds a new Xenotype that is the counterpart to the sanguophage. Nephilim are quite rare and are most commonly found in the empire.

This mod comes with careful balancing, custom sounds and a lot of effort. Enjoy!

Nephilim Xenotype Mod features

This mod does not add any apparel, weapons or faction. Only 1 Xenotype and 1 Drug!

With unearthly beauty, feathery wings and heads engulfed in a radiant halo, the Nephilim style themselves as emissaries and descendants of the divine. Martially gifted, physically striking and socially apt, they are natural leaders and often found across rimworlds sheparding small communes of adoring devotees eager for earthly deliverance at the hands of their protector. All that is required to earn it is just one more harvest of the hollilly. And maybe another. And another…

New Drug

It shares similiar research and properties of vanilla psychoid.

New Genes

All new genes need Grace to function!

Compatibility notes

Xenotype Faction integration:

Mercenaries For Me
HALO – UNSC Faction
Reinforced Mechanoid 2
Vanilla Factions Expanded – Medieval
Vanilla Factions Expanded – Empire
[RH2] Faction: Utilitarian
Rimsenal – Feral Faction Pack
Rimsenal – Federation Faction Pack
Rimsenal Factions


Athena Framework additional visual effects
Glitter Weaponry Replaces the texture of the sabersword with his yellow coloured version.

Additional credits:

  • Elseud provided me with the traced pathfinder angel and general feedback and motivation ontop of the grace flask. He’s a great guy but don’t tell anyone I said that.
  • Detvisor actually took the time to recolour one of his swords.
  • Glitter Weaponry just for the sake of the screenshot. He also gave me feedback regarding the Preview and allowed me to include the alternative sword for his mod.
  • SirVan he provided me with the wing texture even though i didn’t ask him. This kickstarted my passion for this mod.Without him this mod probably wouldn’t have existed.

If you find a bug or wanna discuss new features, you can always find me lurking on discord:

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