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Naruto Mod

Author of the Naruto Mod: TomykCZTomykCZ

The Naruto Mod aims to bring the Naruto anime into Rimorld, first by adding the visual prowess we see on the anime, such as sharingan, byakugan, etc. Create new clans with different bonuses and abilities, the player will be able to choose his clan in the character creation. Add the chakra nature (wind, fire, earth, etc) influencing the type of jutsus a character can use

Naruto Mod features


  • Sharingan 1 – 3 tomoe
  • Mangekyo Sharingan
  • Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan
  • Ability to steal eyes from an uchiha and implant them to your self
  • Ability to gain sharingan if you are an uchiha
  • Gaining sharingan through an intense mental breakdown
  • Progressive sharingan leveling


  • You can get several ninja ranks, ranging from genin to kage
  • Byakugan is in game, but you can’t get it naturally
  • Rinnegan is in game, but not implemented
  • There is a chance when you are crating a character that you’ll get a uchiha trait. That means you can get sharingan naturally

Future Plans

We aim to make this mod quite big. First completing the sharingan and adding several skills, like amaterasu, tsukuyomi…

Visuals on the pawn – we aim to make sharingan or other dojutsus appear on the player when he gets it

New Factions – factions like Hyuga or Uchiha

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If you have any suggestions or bug reports or you want to help developing the mod. You can follow these links: Github and Reddit.

Devs: Tom, Nyxx_Cmyk and Kunkos152.


Version 1.4
Naruto Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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