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Muzzle Flash Mod

Author of the Muzzle Flash Mod: IsaacZhuang

The Muzzle Flash Mod is a visual effect mod. This mod adds flame effects to the gun muzzle and lightning effects to the charged weapons.

Compatibility notes

Built-in patch for:
Combat Extended
Combat Extended Guns
PLA – Armory
Rimsenal Augmented Vanilla
Rimsenal Feral
Vanilla Weapon Expanded
Vanilla Weapon Expanded – Security

Currently no conflict with other mods have been found, but some of the retexture mods may cause the gun muzzle and effects to not align properly.


Q: Will this mod affect game performance?
A: No, this mod uses multi-threading and GPU instancing for rendering, and can handle thousands of gun flames on screen without lag. You don’t have to worry about performance issues.

Q: Can I add this mod in the mid-game?
A: Yes, you can add or remove this mod when ever u want

Q: Can I make patches for other mods?
A: Yes, you can reference the XML of the built-in patches.

IssacZhuang: XML, C#, art
3HST: built-in patches

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