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Museums Mod

Author of the Museums Mod: NightmareCorporation

Have you ever wanted to show off some of the cool stuff your colonists have found or made? Love the reliquaries and relics from Ideology but can’t be compelled to invest months of in-game time to retrieve a single relic? Museums is the mod for you.

Museums Mod Features

  • Fence-like buildings to restrict access to museum visitors.
  • Signs with different icons.
  • Display-buildings and pedestals that can display resources.
  • Room role: Museum.
  • Requires at least one watchable building and a museum gathering spot.
  • Joy logic for solo-touring a museum.
  • Gatherings for colonists to go on a guided tour.
  • Work like parties, triggered randomly with a random organizer.
  • Watchable Buildings.
  • Supported buildings have new gizmos, with which you can define positions from which pawns may look at that building whilst on a museum tour.

Compatibility notes

Makes buildings watchable:

  • Weapon racks from Aelannas Weapon Racks
  • Paintings from Roo’s Painting Expansion
  • Display cases from Display Cases (Continued)
  • Aquariums from Aquarium (Continued)
  • Fish buildings from [MUS]捕鱼装饰 FishingDecorative
  • Shelves and boxes from Bill Doors’ Display Shelves


  • Add learning effects for children from Biotech

Deeper integrations:

El’s Archeology

  • Removes built-in museum logic
  • Make displays watchable


  • Allow special guided guest tour through Museum Gathering Spot

Biomes! Fossils

  • Removes built-in museum logic
  • Make various museum-related buildings watchable

Feel like there is a mod missing in this list? Tell me and I’ll try to integrate it!

Personal note: There are a few mods out there that implement museums as a part of their features, but they don’t work together well and I personally love guided museum tours, that’s why this mod exists. Consider supporting your local museums financially (It’s tax deductible, too!)

GitLab link

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