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More World Features Names Mod

Author of the More World Features Names Mod: Virstag

This mod allows the game to generate names for world features (areas on the world map) related to several biomes added by other mods. It also does a few other things.

The main scope at the moment is to add support for other mods and my mod doesn’t do much without them. Over time, I may add some extensions and improvements to the general rules by which names are generated in the game. For now though, you need at least one of the mods listed below for mine to work with. However, none of them are required. You can use only one of them or all of them, the choice is yours.

More World Features Names Mod features

Generating biome-related names

Typically, biomes added by mods do not participate in creating names for features when the planet is generated. These deserts and forests you see are tied to vanilla biomes and if you turn them off and leave only the modded biomes (which I don’t recommend) the only names you’ll see are mountains, bays, oceans and the like. So, adding some names for them was the main goal of this mod.

Currently supported mods and biomes [example names in brackets]:

Regrowth: Core

  • Grassland [Deadhand Pastureland, Bear Lip Steppe, Henhian Veld]

Regrowth: Aspen

  • Aspen Forest [Trunk Red Woods, Maenga Aspen Forest, Icy Elk Golden Woodland]

Regrowth: Boiling

  • Boiling Forest [Monteba Steaming Grove, Farheel Springs, Cargalira Boiling Woods]

Regrowth: Wastelands

  • Wasteland (all kinds) [Gomalior Wasteland, Sharpwing Contaminated Zone, Entenora Toxic Area]

Alpha Biomes

  • Idyllic Meadows [Erdoin Meads, Walrus Serene Meadows, Mibar Floral Leas]
  • Mycotic Jungle [White Eagle Mycelial Forest, Unuay Fungal Overgrowth, Nader Sporal Thicket]
  • Gelatinous Superorganism [Comba Slime, Salo Ooze, Berro Lifeform]
  • Tar Pits [Xecroi Parched Flats, Free Mantis Tar Planes, Itinum Bitumen Pits]
  • Ocular Forest [Leira Ocular Woods, Aredelberium Displaced Grove, Carro Ophthalmic Forest]
  • Gallatross Graveyard [Rache Gallatros Gravestead, Jayear Dry Mudflats, Toncho Boneyard]
  • Mechanoid Intrusion [Mechosystem HO-2660 Pentimus, Teritus Mechasphere P 15, Primary WY 870 Computronium]
  • Propane Lakes [Anraan Crystalline Compounds, Sparrowankle C3H8 Lakes, Minlor Propane Pocket]
  • Forsaken Crags [Aardvark Black Ridges, Naeria Nocturnal Crags, Tasca Dark Rocks]
  • Miasmic Mangrove [Tedus Mangals, Mule Knee Reeking Wetlands, Asinum Nosogenic Mangrove]
  • Feralisk Infested Jungle [Binuia Infested Tangle, Ramclaw Dreaded Rainforest, Bluesnail Cobwebbed Jungle]
  • Pyroclastic Conflagration [Abeneiro Torrid Caldera, Croio Scalding Ashland, White Locust Obsidian Region]

Generating names containing animals added by mods

This mod adds additional lists of animals to generate names with them. They only activate when their origin mod is enabled. Two-part animal names have been omitted or shortened, and the lists have been compared with the one already present in the vanilla game to avoid duplicates. The selection of these lists when generating has been reasonably balanced, so you shouldn’t suddenly see only these animals in almost all names. Only world features names are affected by these lists, other names containing animals (e.g. tribal names) remain unchanged.

Currently supported mods:

  • Alpha Animals
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded (most of the names of these animals are already present in the game, even if without this mod the animals were not)
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Caves
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Endangered
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Royal Animals
  • Vanilla Animals Expanded — Waste Animals
  • Regrowth: Core (link above)
  • Regrowth: Boiling (link above)
  • ReGrowth: Wastelands (link above)
  • ReGrowth: Extinct Animals

Mod settings

At the moment the mod contains minor settings that can be changed using More Mod Settings menu powered by XML Extensions. They are enabled by default and involve the exclusion of certain words from the names generated for vanilla biomes. You may want to disable them if you are not using all supported mods or if you don’t need them.

Important notes

  • Note that not every single piece of a modded biome will get its own name. There are size limits, the order in which names are generated, and related factors that affect this. Your settings for the frequency of these biomes and the size of the planet’s coverage are also important. Some smaller biomes (for example, Idyllic Meadows from Alpha Biomes on default settings) will relatively rarely get their own name.
  • Bizarre names are expected. I haven’t changed (yet – perhaps) the general rules by which the game generates names. So you will see things like ‘megachickenelbow’ or ‘toxbeaver wing’. To tell you the truth, I personally like it. It has a certain charm to it.
  • If you want to report a problem, remember that the result of one random generation is not enough. It’s entirely possible that you’ll get some suspicious cluster of similar names in one place, or the complete omission of animal names from some enabled list in your output. The random generation stuff is pretty wild in RimWorld. Generate yourself at least ten worlds and see if something you don’t like really persists.
  • I can add support for other biomes and animal mods, but pretty much anything outside of Vanilla Expanded, Alpha Mods, and ReGrowth represents stuff I personally don’t use. So, only if I have time to think it over and test it.

Thanks to the authors of the above mods for their work.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Version 1.5
More World Features Names Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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