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More Psycasts Mod

Authors of the More Psycasts Mod: DC, Noodles

The More Psycasts Mod adds additional psycasts. With the recent additions, there are now 12 new Psycasts, including a full set of healing casts, and a suite of utility abilities.

More Psycasts Mod Features

After taking on some suggestions, and tweaking values, the above, updated information shows the temporary effects of these abilities upon the target, and no longer cause the caster’s neural heat to rise where it didn’t make sense.

“Balance” will be a difficult thing to arbitrate, as everyone’s opinions are different and valid, as such the settings screen should allow you to disable or change anything you want or don’t want!

This mod is especially compatible with Choice of Psycasts. Since this mod reduces the chance to get specific psycasts, we suggest to use the aforementioned with a choice of 2-3 psycasts.

Currently no known issues.

Can I add this to an existing save?
Yes! This mod simply adds new abilities, and should work fine with existing saves. (always backup your saves!)

Is this mod compatible with other Psycasting mods?
Yes! This mod adds Psycasts the vanilla way and should be compatible with all other mods. Especially Choice of Psycasts.

Noodles – All the code.
DC – Art.

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