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Moonjelly Xenotype Mod

Author of the Moonjelly Xenotype Mod: Seanggag

The Moonjelly Xenotype Mod adapts the Moonjelly Race by Benji to work as a Biotech xenotype.

Moonjelly Xenotype Mod features


The Moonjellies are small, friendly, and gelatinous. Widely revered throughout the universe for their astounding medical capabilities, many people make pilgrimages to the lush moonjelly homeworlds as a last resort from life-threatening illnesses.

Unfortunately the moonjelly’s kindly nature is often exploited. Many moonjellies end up captured and forced to do medical labour, or worse, hunted for their valuable healing mucus. Will your colony be a safehaven for any wandering moonjellies? Or will they be on a never ending priority 1 medical and butchered when they have a mental break? Time to find out!



  • + Moonjellies are super speedy! They zip around the map much faster than a human.
  • + Greatly increased medical speed and tend quality!
  • + Toxic immunity, and increased immune speed!
  • + Anaesthesia-Inducing basic melee attacks(Unimplemented)
  • + Moonjellies can use their inherent healing proteins to regenerate lost parts and recover from permanent wounds. This can happen once every 1-5 days and will knock the jelly out for a while as their body recovers. Be careful this doesn’t happen at the wrong moment!(Unimplemented)


  • – Small carrying capacity
  • – Extremely fragile in combat
  • – More sensitive to temperatures

Other details:

  • Moonjellies are carnivores and will only eat meat (Unimplemented).
  • Able to wear any apparel.
  • They drop unique medicine items on butchering (Unimplemented).
  • Unique race name generation.
  • They spawn among starting colonists, as an NPC tribe, and as wanderers and slaves.

“Nooooo! Moonjellies drop nothing on butchering, so dont even try!”
– A moonjelly

Compatibility notes

Incompatible with: [NL] Face animation – WIP.

Translations: Korean (By Me!) and Japanese by Lucifel.

Thanks you for all your Support!

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