Metal Gear Solid Mod

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Author of the Metal Gear Solid Mod: Chicken Plucker

Metal Gear Solid Mod features

  • FOX Sneaking Suit & Bandana
  • FOXHOUND Sneaking Suit & Bandana
  • Cyborg Ninja Set (needs fabrication research)
  • Metal Gear Solid character hairstyles
  • Beauty and the Beast Unit hairstyles from MGS 4
  • M9A1-S Tranq and the SOCOM pistol
  • Custom FOXHOUND scenario interaction with MSF mod
  • Cyborg Ninja event in place of Man in Black event
  • Genome soldiers (FOXHOUND operators) come to rescue you in place of Man in Black event

Core features

  • FOXHOUND scenario is coded to work with Red Horse factions. *I.E. Task Force 141 and Ghosts may recognise you as friendly Special Forces.
  • Cardboard Box, will be usable when enabled with “Camo and Stealth” mod by Pelador

Compatibility notes

Possible issues

  • Faction alliances when Spec Ops: The Line 1.0 is enabled – You may get the Delta Team scenario messages, should be harmless and the factions behave about the same.
  • If enabled with Militaires Sans Frontieres, QRF team that triggers may also send MSF Soldiers
  • If enabled with Spec Ops: The Line 1.0, QRF team may also send Delta operators
This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.

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