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Melee Animation (WIP) Mod

Author of the Melee Animation (WIP) Mod: Epicguru

The Melee Animation Mod adds detailed animations to melee combat, and new melee combat mechanics.

Melee Animation Mod features

This mod aims to spice up the regular Rimworld melee combat by adding custom hand-made animations for attacking & moving, and for new melee mechanics: duels and executions. The mod also (optionally) adds lassos, to pull enemies into melee range.


What does this add and what does it change?

All compatible melee weapons have attack, execution and duel animations based on the type and size of weapon. ‘Standard’ melee combat does not change. There are new animations when pawns attack, but mechanically nothing changes. However, there are several new (optional) mechanics:

  • Executions: Despite the name, an execution animation is not always deadly. An execution animation is where the attacking pawn will perform a flashy melee attack animation on the victim pawn, and the end result will be either death, downing or injuring of the victim. The outcome is determined based on the attacker’s Lethality stat, which you can read about in-game.
  • Duels: When two pawns with valid melee weapons are fighting, they may enter a Duel. A Duel is a 1-on-1 melee fight with a custom dynamic animation. The outcome of a duel is determined by each pawn’s Duel Ability stat, and the winner of the duel will perform an Execution on the loser. There are also friendly duels between your colonists, which serve as recreation and training.
  • Lassos: A lasso can be equipped and serves as a way to quickly pull an enemy into melee range. Pawns will combine their lasso with their Execution to quickly pull an enemy into melee range and instantly perform an Execution on them! Lassos can also be used to pull friendlies out of harm’s way.


  • Add/remove mid game?
  • Yes, but when removing make sure to delete any items added by this mod (lasso, weapons) and make sure no pawns are in an animation when you save.
  • Can I change xyz??
  • Please carefully read through the mod settings. There are over 40 options. If that’s not enough leave a comment and I will add the customisation option.
  • I don’t like X part of this mod
  • See previous question. Almost everything can be disabled.
  • A certain melee weapon mod isn’t compatible, can you make it compatible?
  • I am always working to make mods compatible. Mod authors can also make their mods compatible, here is a guide.[github.com]. By default this mod anonymously logs the ID of incompatible mods, letting me know what mods to make patches for. You can opt out of this anonymous logging in the mod settings under the Other tab. Logging is not active the first time you launch the game with this mod.
  • Something isn’t working. Where can I report a bug?
  • Please report bugs in the Bugs thread on this workshop page. You must include an error log or I will ignore your report. You can also help be submitting a pull request to the Github repository.

Quick start guide

  • Install mod. Equip a pawn with a compatible melee weapon.
  • Draft the pawn. Right click on a target to bring up options to execute, lasso or duel.
  • Your pawns (and enemies!) will automatically perform executions, use lassos, and enter duels whenever they can.
  • You can craft lassos at a tailor bench. You can change how your colonists use their lasso/execution in the Assign tab.
  • Absolutely everything can be customised in the mod settings. Please check the settings carefully!

Compatibility notes

Compatible with:

  • All the mods listed here. Other mods may be compatible if they provide their own patches. If a mod is not patched, it can’t do melee animations.
  • Combat Extended
  • Simple Sidearms (I recommend it!)
  • Yayo’s Animation
  • NALs Facial Animation (and derived mods)
  • Vanilla Backgrounds Expanded. My mod adds a special dynamic background featuring artwork by @no_tables. Check it out!
  • HAR modded races, biotech races.

NOT compatible with:

  • Multiplayer.
  • RimThreaded. This mod has multithreading built-in.
  • Duel wield (kind of). It is technically compatible but it’s kind of jank

Known issues

  • Logspam. Warnings on startup. Harmless errors when loading maps.
  • Zombieland zombies cannot be executed. Will not be fixed, it’s just the way that Zombieland works :/
  • Rocketman may cause some visual issues because it lowers the tickrate of pawn components. May be fixed in future.
  • Weapon glow masks do not work in some animations. This is a shader issue, may be fixed in future if I can figure out how the vanilla shader works.

Future plans

  • More animations! More variety! More compatible mods!
  • An API for other mod developers to use.
  • Tutorials on how to make animations.

Support me: I have a KoFi for one-off donations :)
You can also support me by checking out Radian Helix’s patreon. Radian Helix is made up by the folk’s responsible for Save Our Ship, and I’m working with them on Project Morningstar, an upcoming game RimWorld players are sure to enjoy!

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Version 1.5

Older versions:

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