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MedPod Mod – Advanced regenerative medical beds

Author of the MedPod Mod – Advanced regenerative medical beds: Sumghai

MedPod adds advanced regenerative medical beds capable of treating virtually every injury and disease, inspired by similar beds from Neill Blomkamp’s 2013 sci-fi film Elysium.

MedPod Mod Features

  • Pawns will automatically use the MedPod to treat injuries and diseases
  • Pawns can be made to use the MedPod to treat scars, permanent injuries, chronic illnesses, addictions and missing body parts, using the right-click Float Menu
  • Doctors/Wardens will rescue downed colonists/prisoners to MedPods
  • MedPods will ignore prosthetics and bionics
  • MedPods only require electricity – no medicine or consumables required
  • Four models available:
    • MedPod – Standard model
    • MedPod Lux – Royalty DLC-only luxury variant with faster diagnosis and treatment time, but higher power consumption; can be made from “stuff”
    • VetPod – Designed for pets and other small domesticated animals
    • VetPod Mega – Designed for livestock and megafauna, but can also treat smaller animals
  • HD Quality textures for Camera+

  • Complete the Accelerated Cellular Regeneration research project
  • Obtain an Isolinear Processor from Exotic Goods Traders (caravans and orbital), Quest rewards or by disassembling an AI Persona Core at the Machining Table (bill unlocked after completing Advanced fabrication research project)
  • Build a MedPod using one Isolinear Processor, steel, plasteel, industrial and advanced components (plus any additional materials for the MedPod Lux variant)

  • The MedPod decides which hediffs to treat/remove by looking at the (vanilla) isBad parameter in their XML defs; by default, most diseases and injuries should already be correctly tagged as <isBad>true</isBad>
  • Pawns will prioritize MedPods over other medical bed types, even if they are further away; however, if no MedPod is available or in a reachable location, pawns will revert to using the closest regular medical bed instead
  • Pawns will not use MedPods that have insufficient power
  • Doctors will avoid feeding, tending or operating on patients currently using MedPods (the scanner/reatomizer gantry arm would smack them in the face if they tried to do so)
  • MedPods consume varying amounts of power in idle, diagnosis and treatment modes; ensure that you have an adequate power supply

  • English
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

  • Savegame compatible
  • Works with most mods that add new prosthetics, implants or non-bad hediffs
  • Third-party modders can easily patch the built-in whitelist and blacklist, to always or never treat specific hediffs, as well as blacklist certain races; see the guide on the GitHub wiki for details and examples
  • Humanoid Alien Races – Non-human colonists and prisoners can use MedPods
  • Elite Bionics Framework – Will correctly use EBF’s own body part max health calculations
  • Android Tiers – Androids are blacklisted, as MedPods are not intended to treat mechanical non-organic pawns
  • Androids – Droids and Battledroids are blacklisted, as MedPods are not intended to treat mechanical non-organic pawns, while the Androids from this mod are allowed to use MedPods as normal, due to having synthetic flesh and organs
  • Combat Extended – MedPods will ignore the gasmask hediffs on pawns wearing gasmasks
  • Fallout Races: The Robots Pack – All robots are blacklisted, as MedPods are not intended to treat mechanical non-organic pawns
  • Playable Geth – All Geth pawns are blacklisted, as MedPods are not intended to treat mechanical non-organic pawns
  • Replimat – shares the same Disassemble AI persona core bill at the Machining Table, so that the same bill will produce both Isolinear chips/modules required by both Replimat and MedPod

  • LWM, Dubwise, PeteTimesSix, Jamaican Castle, Fluffy, Drowsy Corgi, Madara Uchida, dninemfive, Garthor, Wiri, Brrainz – assistance with Harmony patches and other code snippets
  • MerGatto – minor fixes and optimizations
  • Vectorial1024 – Elite Bionics Framework compatibility
  • Proxyer – Japanese translation
  • GunnedMan – Russian translation


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