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Medieval Gene Assembler Mod

Author of the Medieval Gene Assembler Mod: 豆豆

Medieval Gene Assembler Mod features

Research Technology: Soul Alchemy

Unlock Transmutation Circle: Combines the functions of Gene Assembler and Gene Extractor.

Gene extraction is now replaced with soul stone extraction. Gene extraction will no longer add genes regrowing. Instead, each extraction will cause the character to lose a part of their body. When non-lethal organs are all lost, lethal organs will begin to be lost.

Unlock Soul Altar: Combines the functions of Gene Bank and Gene Processor.
Can store 8 soul stones and adds 8 complexity.

Research Technology: Archite Soul Alchemy

Unlock archite gene assembly.

Research Technology: Inheritable Soul

Unlock Inheritable Gene Assembly.

Research Technology: Self Soul Edit

Unlock Self Soul Edit, allowing the addition or removal of a character’s own genes. No longer limited to completely replacing a character’s genes each time. Combined with the Inheritable Soul button, it can switch between a character’s Endogenes and Xenogenes.


Added Soul Stone Merchant for the Medieval Overhaul Mod.
If you’ve locked technology using Rimedieval Mod, the merchant won’t sell gene pack. you can subscribe to Medieval Genepacks Mod to unlock gene pack and archite capsules.
Due to translation reading order issues, translating “genepack ” as “soul stone” requires a separate mod placed above the Biotech Dlc.

My English is not very good, and all the English text is translated by ChatGPT. Please forgive me if there are any issues.

Please provide feedback if you encounter any bugs.

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