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Medieval Fantasy Themed Relic Quests Mod

Author of the Medieval Fantasy Themed Relic Quests Mod: Botch_Job

I’ve always thought that the relic quests from ideology and the whole idea of tracking down a powerful relic to worship are very suited to a medieval/fantasy playthrough. This mod aims to give the quests and everything associated with them a more fitting theme for that kind of playthrough.

Medieval Fantasy Themed Relic Quests Mod features

Everything involved with the relic quests/generic complex quests has been given a new name, texture and description, the main things being:

  • Ancient terminal/worshipped terminal > Ancient texts/tablet
  • Ancient cryptosleep pod > Ancient sarcophagus
  • Ancient hermetic crate > Ancient treasure chest
  • Ancient security crate > Ancient lockbox
  • Ancient comms console > Ancient beacon
  • Ancient fuel node > Explosive barrel
  • Spacedrone > Stolen airship
  • Ancient enemy terminal > Suspicious pedestal

Same for all the ruined structures in and around the ancient complexes and ancient dangers.

Renamed the ancient complexes to “ancient outposts”, changed the map icon and floor types.

As the standard shuttles and drop pods are involved, they’ve been changed to airships and balloons. This affects them outside of the relic quests.

All instances of hacking have been changed to “investigating”

Quests names/descriptions have been changed. I’ve tried to keep things relatively generic and similar to the vanilla quests.

New textures

Quest examples

Compatibility notes

Medieval Fantasy Themed Relic Quests Mod requires the Ideology DLC.

The mod should be compatible with most things as it doesn’t actually add or remove anything, it just changes names, descriptions and textures of existing things.

That being said, as of right now I would consider Rimedieval to be incompatible as it removes the relic quests. I believe the Rimedieval guys are working on a fix though so hopefully soon it will be compatible.

Mods that retexture any of the items covered in this mod are compatible, just make sure this mod is lower in the load order.

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