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Mechlord Warcasket Mod

Author of the Mechlord Warcasket Mod: Kierannkkt

Adds a warcasket for use by mechanitors. Requires Vanilla Factions Expanded – Pirates to work.

I decided to create this mod because I felt like there should be at least one warcasket that a mechanitor could remain functional in. Why just have a bunch of mechs when you could also turn yourself into one?

Mechlord Warcasket Mod features

Unlike most warcaskets, the Mechlord warcasket allows its wearer to Smith, Craft, Tailor, and Research. This means that a mechanitor can be fully functional while wearing it.

The mechlord warcasket requires both the ultra mechtech and spacer warcaskets research. It has the weakest shield of any of the spacer-tech warcaskets, and it has less sharp armor as well. However, it does provide extra armor against heat, so you can resist fire almost as well as the mechanoids you control!

Each piece also provides some other buffs to improve a mechanitor’s capabilities. The helmet and chestpiece each provide the same increase to bandwidth as the mechlord suit and helmet, and also each provide 50% toxic resistance to help you survive in any wastelands you create with all those toxic wastepacks. The helmet also provides a work speed buff to controlled mechanoids. Finally, the shoulders provide an additional 8 bandwidth, plus a control group. They also increase mech repair and gestation speed.

The whole warcasket has a cost slightly more than that of a normal mechlord suit.

There may be a slight visual issue if you use the shoulderpads with certain other warcasket helmets. Just, like, don’t do that though.


Version 1.5
Mechlord Warcasket Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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