Mechanoids Extraordinaire Mod

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Author of the Mechanoids Extraordinaire Mod: Spino

Ever thought that having only 2 types of mechanoids was kinda… on the boring side?

Ever wanted a purely melee-attacking mechanoid? Or maybe a mechanoid that could blow up your base and everyone you love with a freaking grenade launcher?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, this mod is for you!

Mechanoids Extraordinaire features

  • 5 new types of mechanoids that will be appearing in raids, poison and psychic ships and ancient dangers:
    1. Vespa: a quick, frail mechanoid capable of using cover.
    2. Goliath: melee-only, somewhat tanky mechanoid that explodes upon dying.
    3. Hound: a mechanoid equipped with a set of power claws as well as a brand new grenade launcher.
    4. Kraken: a huge mechanoid with high HP, that has a chance to be spawned with any of the weapons the mechanoids are using.
    5. Chimera: a mechanoid that was put together from scraps of the other types, equipped with a built-in inferno cannon, as well as a scyther blade.
  • A new artificial body part: the mecha-tentacle, that can be harvested from a kraken type mechanoid.
  • Mechanical centipedes no longer carry inferno cannons. They also have a tiny bit more HP.

The mechanoids


“Known for their beautiful forms and incredibly swift movements. More than half of vespa’s body is made of pure gold.
In contrary to all other types of mechanoids, vespas tend to use cover whenever such is available.”


“Type of a heavy mechanoid, unique in that it tends not to use any weapons, and instead relies on its great physical strength to knock out opponents.
When a goliath gets close to dying, its inner auto-destruction program activates, causing a huge explosion”


“Medium-sized combat mechanoids designed to put the enemy bases to ruins. They use the advanced grenade launchers mounted on their sides to try and blow up anything that gets in their sights. Getting close to them is not advisable due to the sharp, powerful claws installed on their front paws.”


“Huge, grotesque-looking, combat mechanoids. Their four mechanical tentacles are deadly in melee fights – or so they say, as the heavy weaponry krakens tend to be carrying makes it so very rarely anyone even gets a chance to get close to one of them.”


“This strange type of a mechanoid was said to have been made out of scraps of deceased members of its own race. To defend themselves, chimeras use powerful inferno cannons as well as blades, which used to belong to scythers, installed on the tips of their curled tails.”

The Mechanoids Extraordinaire Mod is available in English and Polish.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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Mechanoids Extraordinaire Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • Textures
  • Fun


The Mechanoids Extraordinaire Mod is an exceptional addition to RimWorld. The design of the new mechanoids fit the style of the original ones very well, making it vanilla friendly.

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