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Mech Module Mod

Authors of the Mech Module Mod: jeonggihun, TheGegegéb

It’s so simple! Just craft the module and install it inside the mechanoid’s head.Wandering paramedics are now cleaning.
Centipede is making revolvers, and War Queen is healing humans.

Mech Module Mod features

There are 12 work modules ─ hauling, cleaning, construction, sowing, plant cutting, mining, firefighter, doctor, cooking, smithing, tailoring, crafting ─ and can be freely installed on the mechanoid. The making and installation of modules is fully integrated into the vanilla research project.

  • Overclocking Moves 1.5x faster and tires 2x faster.
  • 12 work modules 10 skill level.
  • 4 Skill Modules Increase skill level by 2, 4, 6, 8.
    Mechanoid can perform tasks that require a high level.


  • Q What do mechanoids need to undergo surgery?
    A Mechanoids must be in a dormant self-charge state
    and surgery requires two components.
  • Q Is this mod safe to add mid-save?
    A Most likely, yes. All features of the mod should work normally.

Compatibility notes

The Mech Module Mod requires the Biotech DLCs in order to work.

The Mech Module Mod is compatible with:

  • Reinforced Mechanoid 2
  • More Mechanoids
  • Excavator Mechanoid
  • Progenitor Mechanoid
  • Logistics Mechanoid
  • Better Humanoid Mechanoid
  • Recon Mechanoid
  • Omnitron
  • Vanilla Factions Expanded – Mechanoids. (gestatable mechs only)
  • Mechanite Plague
  • Kraltech Industries
  • Alpha Mechs. (base mod mechs only)
  • Tiered Mechs


  • Mechanoid Modifications

(This mod is a modified version of Mechanoid Modifications – Standalone Skill Level and Work modifications, almost identical to the mod. Therefore, it is recommended to read the description of Mechanoid Modifications – Standalone Skill Level and Work modifications)

Additional credits:
Everything in this mod features is the work of TheGegegéb.
With his consent, I made a simpler version of the mod. Thanks so much!
If you want to use even more features, you can use TheGegegéb’s original mods.


Version 1.5
Mech Module Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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