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Mass Graves Mod

Authors of the Mass Graves Mod: Kartel’, NoImageAvailable, Pyrce

Cannibalism mood penalties got you down? No animals to feed raider corpses to? Don’t feel like rushing cremation and digging graves for those 30 tribal raiders takes too much time? Fret no more, because this revolutionary new advancement in mass storage technology will save you tons of space and time. The Mass Graves Mod allows you to dispose of unwanted raider corpses the old-fashioned way: by dumping them into a big hole in the ground!

Mass Graves adds a new structure buildable through the Misc menu. Digging it takes longer than a regular grave but it can hold up to 20 pawns by default. The mod menu let’s you configure the exact amount of corpses you can dump into any single grave and switch between two styles of grave: a hastily dug 3×3 and an industrial looking 2×5.

Additionally, this mod changes regular graves’ default storage settings to not include stranger corpses. After all, why waste a nice personal grave on a random stranger when you can just dump them with the last batch of raiders?


Version 1.4

Older versions:

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