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Mashed’s Ashlands Mod

Author of the Mashed’s Ashlands Mod: SirMashedPotato

A completely remade version of the original MorrowRim mod, made to a much higher standard, and with significantly more experience under my belt. There is a wealth of new content added, and several features from some of my other MorrowRim mods have been incorporated. The mod itself is entirely focused on the ashland biomes, with all content included being tied to them in some way.

Mashed’s Ashlands Mod features


The biggest change in this mod, when compared to the original, is the addition of volcanos. Volcanos are a new type of world object that is created on impassable mountain tiles during world generation. Volcanos form the centre of ashland regions, and are the source of ash storms, as well as other volcanic conditions.

Each volcano is randomly assigned a category during world generation, which affects the maximum radius of any volcanic conditions it causes. This category can change over time, meaning your once safe settlement may not be safe forever. There are four types of volcano, each with their own associated biomes, and conditions.

Ash Storms

Ash storms of course return, and have received a fairly major rework. Ash resistance is no longer a binary thing, and is now a fully-fledged stat. The higher a pawns ash resistance stat is, they less ash buildup they will receive. For plants the ash resistance stat dictates how much damage they randomly take during an ash storm. Many ashland native pawns and plants no longer have complete ash resistance.

Ashland biomes

Fertile terrain, has allowed for the formation of rather strange ecosystems. Large insects, odd-looking reptiles, and of course enormous mushroom trees are all common sights in the ashlands. Of course some ashland biomes are far more hospitable than others.

Ashland Fauna

These biomes are home to many strange and wonderful animals for you to tame. However the ashlands are a harsh mistress, and the animals that live here have had to adapt to the conditions. Predators are a common sight, and although some would rather dig around in the ash, they’re still willing to hunt for flesh. Of course some of the herbivores are not entirely peaceful themselves.

Ashland Flora

While regular plants may theoretically flourish in the nutrient rich ground found in the ashlands, they won’t fare so well against ash storms. Because of this you’ll need to learn how to grow ashland-native plants, of which there are quite a few.

Additional Content


Ashland biomes are not as heavily impacted by pollution, thanks to the fertile volcanic soil. This has allowed native fauna and flora to adapt to pollution, and in some cases even flourish. Polluted soil in these biomes will have its fertility reduced by 50%, and as such plant density is not as heavily reduced.


Q: CE?
A: I don’t patch for CE.

Q: Can I add this mid-save?
A: You probably shouldn’t.

Q: Can I swap from MorrowRim to this mid save?
A: You really shouldn’t.

Q: Is this compatible with X biome mod?
A: Yes, but due to the way ashland biomes are generated you may miss out on certain modded biomes.

Q: Where is X ashland biome?
A: Same as above. Due to the way ashland biomes are generated I can’t guarantee any single seed will have every single biome.

Q: Why is it incompatible with X MorrowRim mod?
A: Because it incorporates enough of that mod to make using it redundant.

Q: Change X balance for me!
A: There’s a mod settings menu.

Q: Remove X item for me!
A: Use Cherry Picker.

Q: Patch X mod for me!
A: Patching is easy, today is as good a time to learn as any.

Additional credits:

  • Mostly inspired by the Elder Scrolls series by Bethesda Studios, with a heavy focus on Morrowind
  • Slightly inspired by the Monster Hunter series by Capcom
  • Seed bag texture used for SeedsPlease Lite support by CitizenKanye
  • Several preview images use ReGrowth mods by Helixien
  • Thanks to Aludis and Star~Verse for providing feedback
  • And to Ranger Rick for being neat

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Version 1.5

Older versions:

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