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MadnessWorld – Nevadean Arms Mod

Author of the MadnessWorld – Nevadean Arms Mod: lolkenator3k

Nevadean Arms – is a firearms and ammo manufacter from Madness: Project Nexus.

MADNESS WORLD is a line of mods in which I create clothing and weapons for units from Madness:Project Nexus.

MadnessWorld – Nevadean Arms Mod features

The mod includes 23 Nevadan Arms weapons, without any new mechanics.

Guns with CE stats:


Q: I found a mistake.
A: Post it to the discussion

Q: Wow! new mod, what’s next?
A: Next will be AAHW in conjunction with Northern Strike (another weapons company), after them I think NC, then I will probably add vehicles from the series and the game, and after them there will be N51, and after that I will make mechanoid workers and combat robots from The Other Place(m:pn).

Q: it feels like more time was spent on the cover of the mod than on the mod itself and content
A: I know, it makes me sad myself 🙁

I tested the mod for a little, but there may still be errors, so write. Made a patch for muzzle flash, which is also available for MERC.

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