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MadnessWorld – MERC Mod

Author of the MadnessWorld – MERC Mod: Lolkenator3k

The MERC Mod (Matter and Energy Reclamation Corporation) – is a ragtag group of laborers, engineers, foremen, etc.

MADNESS WORLD is a line of mods (I hope) in which I create clothing and weapons for units from Madness: Project Nexus.

MERC Mod features

The mod includes 7 guns and 14 clothing items of MERC units and one mechanic: On a special workbench of the mod, you can disassemble weapons into weapon components from which weapons are subsequently made, and you can also create 1 regular one from several such components.

Guns with CE Stats:


Q: I found a mistake.
A: Post it to the discussion so I never correct it.

Q: Why Madness Combat and M:PN?
A: RW mods have problem: they are repetitive and the best way I can show this is with the example of CE weapons. If I put conditional 4 mods (in no way do I want to belittle or insult the authors of such mods,
they are all great!) for weapons, then in the game there will be at least 1 repetition of the same weapon which, at best, will have the same characteristics. MC may have duplicates of real-life weapons, such as the FAL or AK, but they have a unique design for the universe that will not merge in the end.

Q: What will be the next mod in the line and in what order will they come?
A: I chose a convenient exit order: MERC (whose page you are on now) – since for the first work they have enough information on the wiki to take references, as well as unique content. Next will be Nevadean Arms, due to the fact that their weapons are used by all other factions, like the same AAHW or NexusCore,
Well, also because I’m tired of drawing clothes. Actually, AAHW comes next, because they are partial successors of NexusCore. Nexus Core, since in the future I can reuse AAHW textures for NC, yeah I’m lazy. But I couldn’t think of anything further, since bandits remain from smaller factions,
Zeds and N51 (which I don’t know anything about by the way).

Q: I’m too lazy to read all this, what’s there?
A: mods will be released in order Nevadan Arms, AAHW, NexusCore, idk. And I will also try to focus on the graphics because in two and a half thousand hours I haven’t understood the balance of what the vanilla game is and what the CE and also because I can’t do anything other than this.

Additional credits: Lolkenator3k – main author, The Scout, TheCrazeMan – help with creating a CE patch.


Version 1.5
MadnessWorld – MERC Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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