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Lord of the Rims – The Third Age Mod

Author of the Lord of the Rims – The Third Age Mod: Jecrell

The Third Age Mod is part of the Lord of the Rims series, a project to bring one of our favorite film and book series, The Lord of the Rings, to RimWorld.

Lord of the Rims – The Third Age Mod features

The Third Age Mod removes all items, incidents and technology that go beyond Medieval. It also adds and rebalances new content to make a more interesting Medieval playthrough:

  • Adds a blacksmith forge to forge steel.
  • Adds iron and mithril materials.
  • Rebalances iron into the primary mineable resource, rather than steel.
  • Adds Medieval pantries and salt barrels for storing food in the medieval period.
  • Adds two new scenarios for Lord of the Rings races.

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Version 1.4

Older versions:

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