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Light Cycle Mod

Author of the Light Cycle Mod: Zinkenite

The Light Cycle Mod adds a vehicle called the Light Cycle inspired by Tron.

Light Cycle Mod features



Without VVE or EI:

  • 1 Light Cycle Engine
  • 200 Steel
  • 40 Plasteel
  • 5 Components
  • Research: Fabrication

With VVE:

  • 1 Light Cycle Engine
  • 41 Car Alternator
  • 2 Car Suspensions
  • 2 Car Wheels
  • 75 Steel
  • 4 Components
  • Research: Combat Vehicles

With EI:

  • 1 Light Cycle Engine
  • 2 Tyres
  • 150 Steel
  • 40 Plasteel
  • 4 Components


Without EI:

  • 100 Steel
  • 10 Plasteel
  • 5 Components
  • 1 Advanced Component

With EI:

    • 2 Heavy Casting
    • 10 Plasteel
    • 4 Components
    • 1 Advanced Component
    • </ul class=”no-spaces-list”> Research w/out VVE: Fabrication


    • Research w/VVE: Combat Vehicles

Compatibility notes

      • Does not require but recipe and research change when Vanilla Vehicles Expanded is enabled.
      • Recipe changes when Engine Industries is enabled.

Vehicle Framework is what makes this mod work I only built this mod using the framework.
This page design was inspired by the VVE page design.

This is my first mod so there might be some bugs and it might not be balanced.
I have never watched Tron and know nothing about it, I just thought they had interesting designs.
If you have suggestions or bugs you can report them in the comments.

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