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Layered Wall Destruction Mod

Author of the Layered Wall Destruction Mod: Keshash

The Layered Wall Destruction Mod aims to make urban combat more interesting by introducing multiple stages of destroyed walls.

Layered Wall Destruction Mod features

When a raider knocks out all HP in your normal wall, instead of disappearing completely, it will turn into a worse version of itself, creating chaotic bunkers and passageways inside your rooms.

To restore a downgraded wall, a pawn with Construction work assigned must come and repair it. Walls that belong to your faction are automatically marked for restoration. Currently, only supports man-built walls. Natural rocks and smoothed mountains are not affected.

To compensate for additional staying power, HP of normal walls is slightly reduced. Also, generates filth respective to wall’s materials.

Destroying walls is an unstable process. Sometimes you hit a pillar, sometimes you knock out a weak panel. When a normal wall is destroyed, it will downgrade into either stage 1A or stage 1B. The, when those stages are destroyed, it will downgrade into stage 2. There is also a chance that wall will immediately double-downgrade into stage 2.

Stage 1A: Loophole wall

An impassable wall that has many small holes in it, which makes it possible to shoot through. Behaves like CE’s embrasure, but worse in terms of cover. Degrades into rubble once destroyed.

Loophole walls can be visually discerned by their multiple holes, but mostly intact profile.

Stage 1B: Breached wall

A wall that can be crawled under or climbed over, but can’t be shot through. Blocks sight, but allows passage. Inspired by Sloped Walls mod. Degrades into rubble once destroyed.

Breached walls can be visually discerned by large passages going through them from one side to another.

Stage 2: Rubble

The final stage before total destruction, wall rubble allows both walking and shooting over. Essentially, a worse sandbag. In CE, will only give minor cover to feet and legs. Incapable of holding a roof.

When Rubble is destroyed, tile becomes empty just like in vanilla. If you have autorebuild turned on, a blueprint for the original wall type will be placed.

Rubble can be visually discerned by much lighter colors and smaller shadows, as well as blobby irregular texture of collapsed materials.

Compatibility notes

No conflicts with other mods detected so far. If a mod has a new type of wall that wasn’t patched for this system, those walls will behave like in vanilla.

Supports walls from
* Combat Extended (embrasure)
* Combat Extended Armory (reinforced wall and embrasure)
* Medieval Overhaul (log and castle walls and embrasures)
* VE: Architect (log and armored walls)


Q: Does restoring require resources?
A: No, currently it doesn’t. Same as you would’ve repaired HP for free.

Q: Is this compatible with CE?
A: Yes

Q: Does it work without CE?
A: Yes, but I never play vanilla and might’ve miss something about it.

Q: Author disappeared/lost passion/presumably killed/has lame opinions, may I update/modify/maintain this mod?
A: Yep, you are free to do so.

Q: Safe to add/remove midgame?
A: Safe to add midgame. Safe to remove midgame, but you will get a harmless one-time error and all walls in broken stage will disappear. To be extra safe, restore all walls in advance, then go to dev mode -> debug actions -> show more actions -> destroy clutter to remove new filth types. Then save and remove the mod from list.

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Version 1.5
Layered Wall Destruction Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5


Older versions:

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