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Land Fill (Terrains+) Mod

Author of the Land Fill (Terrains+) Mod: Tremeloe

Water, mud and marsh are friends. Take vantage of the terrain around you with the Land Fill (Terrains+) Mod. Add soils, roads, bridges, sliding floors and more things for you to be able to terraform RimWorld planets.

Land Fill (Terrains+) Mod features


  • Soils: built overwater. Some are growable and placed indoor.
  • Bridges: built overwater. Good to walk but deteriorate overtime.
  • Roads: built overwater. Walk more efficiently.
  • Foundations: build overwater. Set up buildings.
  • Slides: built over soils. Increase the walk speed.
  • Water: built over soils and floors. Set up terrains and slow down enemies.

Overwater = includes over water, mud and marsh in most cases.


  • Stuffs that rapidly deteriorate don’t require much work or resources.
  • Bad stuffs starts with tribal colonies and don’t require much work or resources.
  • The most part of these terrains can’t be removed but can be replaced.
  • Automated stuffs don’t need energy and aren’t breakable.
  • You need be creative and use combinations with terrains to place they on caves.
  • The pathCost of vanilla water, mud and marsh are slightly changed.

Compatiblity notes

The Land Fill (Terrains+) Mod may present inconsistencies with some mods that add floors. For example, being able to set some terrains in strange places.

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