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Kiiro Race Mod

Author of the Kiiro Race Mod: Ancot

A humanoid species with cat-like ears and cat-tailed limbs, kiiro race.

As natives who have lived on this planet for thousands of years, the technology of the kiiros has developed slowly after reaching the medieval level: they always have more things to do than to develop science and technology, such as napping, gossiping, sunbathing and enjoying leisure time. Even when they moved out of their free time to work, they were more than happy to do something related to art. Because of their gentle and non-combative character, their society has always maintained a high degree of harmony and stability throughout their long history, with very few conflicts and disputes, and this has resulted in the fact that although they have the gift dexterous in fighting, they are not good at it.

But all this began to change when the rough outsiders landed on this planet and got a firm foothold: lack of combat experience and training, technology has not been developed to a great extent, the kiiros appear very powerless in the face of foreign enemy attacks, many villages and towns were attacked and fallen, the survival of the kiiros once fell into a crisis, which forced the kiiros to give up their peaceful life, and set out on a difficult and long road of living.

However, the invasion of foreign enemies not only spread the war, but also brought the opportunity of technological development to kiiros. With the exposure to the technology brought by the outsiders, the technological level of the kiiros has exploded in a short period of time through introduction and imitation, and the seeds of the industrial age have quietly sprouted within this ancient and backward race…

Kiiro Race Mod features

Add kiiro race to the game and related contents including faction, apparels, weapons, buildings, researches, traits, events, storyteller, etc.

ApparelKiiros have over 100 apparels, including various utilities and props. They have a dedicated apparel layer for trousers/dresses, allowing them the freedom to mix and match different combinations for the upper and lower body. Of course, there are also some complete sets of apparels.

Special utilities

Poison bottles
After unlocking related technology, kiiros can create two types of portable poison vials. These vials can be used to apply either a paralyzing poison or a lethal poison to handheld crossbows or other projectile weapons. Kiiros equipped with these poison vials can activate their usage through a button switch at the bottom. The poison vials have a limited number of uses and need to be refilled once depleted.

Kiiros of non-player faction will also use poison vials, and this can be disabled in the settings.

Portable auto turrets
Kiiro’s unique mechanical craftsmanship allows them to create portable crossbow turrets that can be carried with them. When deployed, these turrets provide support and cover by shooting arrows from the ground. After thoroughly studying human technology, they have combined traditional techniques with industrial advancements, enabling them to manufacture portable turrets such as automatic fragmentation grenade launchers and automatic EMP grenade launchers.

Kiiros of non-player faction can also use portable turrets. When they found incoming attacks, they will deploy the equipped turrets in the vicinity for defensive purposes.

Stealth Clothes
Kiiros are capable of crafting highly covert stealth apparel, complementing their unique stealth techniques that allow them to conceal their presence entirely in dark or blind smoke environments. They can remain hidden until they launch an attack.

Compatibility notes

Kiiro race has content in each DLC, but none of the DLCs are required as prerequisites. The genetic aspect of the Biotech DLC is released as a separate sub-mod.

Incompatible mod: Combat extended. 

Additional credits:

  • Texture: Ancot
  • Xml: Ancot
  • Dll: 空曜, Ancot
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