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Just Leave Already Mod

Author of the Just Leave Already Mod: ggfirst

Finally, your colonists can get the hell out in an instant!

In RimWorld, when a hostile faction comes to raid and your defense fails, it’s always best to evacuate surviving colonists and start from scratch on a new tile!
In the basegame, you either use pod launchers or form a caravan to get your beloved pawns out of danger. But sometimes RW’s AI makes it hard to successfully set up and get going, with your pawns becoming idle for extended periods of time or just straight-up falling asleep while forming caravans. This mod is the catch-all problem-solver for your urgent exit needs!

Just Leave Already Mod features

When your colonist is drafted, you can take them to the edge of the map (the area you can reach but cannot build structures) and they are able to INSTANTLY exit the tile and form individual caravans!

It’s not suitable for big caravans with animals, but it is a good, surefire way to let your precious colonists live long and prosper – even in the most dire of circumstances!


Q : How do I make use of this mod?
A : Draft a colonist you want to exit the colony, move them to the edge of the map and viola! They’re seamlessly and immediately on their way! Satisfying your wanderlust has never been easier!

Q : Woah! Your mod is awesome! I like you. How can I stay up-to-date?
A : Thank you. You can support us by joining our Discord. We are currently working on a very ambitious mod called “Rogue AI: The Story of Siblings”. We are also making many QoL mods and Timuttie’s Vanilla Overhaul Collection. By joining our Discord, you can get a firsthand glimpse of the mods we’re creating!

Q : Is it CE compatible / does it harm performance / does the load order matter?
A : You don’t have to worry about any of these. No conflicts or outstanding bugs have been reported! But if you are having trouble with our mod, feel free to comment below on this page’s handy comment section – or you can come visit our Discord with your concern!

– When you draft a slave and go to the edge of the map, the slave will disappear.

[Discord : https://discord.gg/jt6Bq9bj]

[Credit: Page rewrite by Wisp, Hers#9310]


Version 1.5
Just Leave Already Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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