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Jurassic RimWorld Mod

Author of the Jurassic RimWorld Mod: Serpy

The Jurassic RimWorld Mod brings the wonder and excitement of dinosaurs from the hit franchise right into the chaos of colony management. Hunt or be hunted, breed your own dinosaurs, create your own park, or unleash prehistoric fury on your enemies. The possibilities are endless!

Jurassic RimWorld Mod features

  • Over one hundred prehistoric creatures, including dinosaurs, pterosaures, synapsids, invertebrates and many more.
  • Large and medium creatures can be used as pack animals, to travel in style!
  • Buildings, turrets, walls and floors to decorate in Jurassic style and secure your base from dinosaur (or raider) attacks.
  • Minable amber, extraction benches and DNA reconstructing to bring your own creatures back from the past.
  • Mod options! Want them to spawn only in the wild? Want to be able to make them yourself? Go nuts!
  • Unique sounds and music!
  • Much, much more!

Please note this isn’t just ‘another animal’ mod, it makes the game a bit harder, especially at the start! Dinosaurs do spawn in the wild, but you have the option to reconstruct them, as reconstructed dinosaurs are easier to tame and train, with the exception of the Indominus species. Please keep that in mind when downloading.

Compatibility notes

If you are having issues with certain buildings not appearing upon constructing the blueprint, please move this mod to the top of your load order underneath Core and Hugslib if you have it. Thank you to NineCities for finding this solution.

If your colonists try to create DNA/Eggs and get stuck at the workbench with the progress bar absent, draft and undraft them. This should fix the problem.

Got bug reports, want to suggest a feature for the mod? Hop on over to the Official Discord for the Jurassic RimWorld Mod! Have fun!

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