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Job Splitter Mod

Author of the Job Splitter Mod: Fuglypump

The Job Splitter Mod splits apart many of the categories in the work tab to allow the creation of more specialized colonist roles.

Job Splitter Mod features

With the Job Splitter Mod you can assign colonists to perform smaller tasks of the vanilla job types which allows for a better colony management. For example, you could assign only your highest skilled doctors to perform surgery, or only the highest skilled animal handlers to tame animals, etc.

New Work Types

  • Surgeon – Perform surgeries on human-likes and animals.
  • Nurse – Rescue, Feed, visit and carry patients to operating tables.
  • Feed – Feed prisoners, resting patients and animals.
  • Rearm – Rearm traps.
  • Refuel – Refuel refuelable objects.
  • Tame – Tame wild animals.
  • Train – Train domesticated animals.
  • Butcher – Butcher meat, create kibble, slaughter animals and execute prisoners.
  • Brew – Create wort from hops, fill and empty fermenting barrels.
  • Repair – Repair damaged or broken-down buildings.
  • Demo – Deconstruct things, uninstall/install items and remove floors.
  • Harvest – Harvest plants.
  • Sow – Sow plants.
  • Drill – Use deep drills.
  • Drugs – Create drugs.
  • Assemble – Assemble components.
  • Refine – Refine chemicals.
  • Stone cut – Cut stones into blocks.
  • Smelt – Smelt metal.
  • Prepare – Haul to blueprints and unbuilt frames and install/uninstall items.
  • Load – Load and unload transport pods and caravans.
  • Mortican – Cremate, strip, haul and bury corpses and burn apparel or drugs.

Compatibility notes

Check out the Steam Workshop page for a full list of mods that are compatible with the Job Splitter Mod. Because of the way this mod patches to support other mods, you should always load this mod at the **VERY BOTTOM** of your list.

The Job Splitter Mod is available in English, Japanese (by Proxyer), Simplified Chinese (by 白眉鹰王) and Traditional Chinese (by Biscuit).

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