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Jewelry Mod

Author of the Jewelry Mod: Sarg Bjornson

I’ve always thought gold didn’t have enough uses in-game. As the only real use was statues, trading and eventually floor. This is now an old story! I present you Jewelry! The mod adds new apparels: necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings. They are all made of gold, and a stuffable. It can be stone (Marble, granite…) or gemstones. Vanilla Rimworld only adds one gemstone, jade. This is why this mod also add diamond, sapphire and ruby. With all those new recipes, I thought it was also a good idea to add a new production bench. The laser sculpting table, 50% faster than the vanilla sculpting table!

Jewelry Mod features

Compatibility notes

When using this mod with the Royalty DLC, pawn with royal title will require jewelry (can be deactivated in mod settings).

If your pawns with bionic arms can’t wear bracelet or ring, it’s because of the way vanilla rimworld work, I would recommend to use Prosthetic No Missing Body Parts.

If your pawn from a race mod wear unlimited earrings, it’s because I need to make a patch for each race. If you want a race to be supported, please post a message in Request, with the name of the race as well as a link to it.

Compatible with:

Kura’s Extra Gems
RPG Style Inventory
Combat Extended

Races mods patched for compatibility:

Moyo-From the depth
Star Wars Races
Kijin Race 2.0
Rabbie The Moonrabbit race
Android Tiers Reforged

Additional credits:

Code work by me, Kikohi
Art made by Oskar Potocki
divineDerivative for reaching to me with the silver jewelry
Maintained by Sarg

(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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