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Interaction Bubbles Mod

Author of the Interaction Bubbles Mod: Jaxe

Wouldn’t it be great if you could read character interactions? Well you can, in the social log… or with the Interaction Bubbles Mod!

Interaction Bubbles Mod features

The Interaction Bubbles Mod shows bubbles when characters perform a social interaction with the text that would normally only be found in the log. This allows you to watch Tynan’s wonderful interaction system in action as you go about your business without having to open up a tab.

Bubbles will fade away after a short time but they are linked to the game time so pausing the game will halt the bubble from fading. Hovering over a bubble will make it nearly transparent and they can be clicked through to objects underneath. There is a toggle button in the play settings area to disable bubbles from being shown.

Mod Showcase by BaRKy

Compatibility notes

Customization options are available through RimHUD for now. Check out that mod for a new UI. This mod was originally intended to be part of RimHUD but does not require it.

The language in the bubbles come from the base game so if that is translated then the bubbles will be too.

Chat with the author of the Interaction Bubbles Mod on his Discord Channel.

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