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Integrated Genes Mod

Author of the Integrated Genes Mod: Turnovus

The Integrated Genes Mod aims to integrate Royalty and Ideology into Biotech’s genetics system, by adding multiple genes that are designed around pivotal features of the earlier two DLCs.

Integrated Genes Mod features

Integrated Genes currently adds 11 functional and 4 cosmetic genes. A few are available with only Biotech installed, but most additionally require Royalty and/or Ideology.

Core Biotech

  • Blind – Carriers of this gene are totally blind, due to degredation of the occipital lobe. Their eyes still see, but their mind cannot.
  • Grandiose – Carriers of theis gene tend to develop delusions of grandeur, believing themselves more entitled than their peers.
  • Constant pain – Carriers of these gene experience constant pain. A feedback loop in the brain’s nociception center causes a constant perception of pain, even when no physical injury is present.
  • Crown of horns – Carriers of this gene grow a “crown” of horns above their brow.
  • Bright orange skin – Carriers of this gene produce a pigment that gives their skin a crisp orange color.


  • Meditation dependency – Carriers of this gene experience an increasing emotional anxiety. They must meditate regularly to clear their minds, even if they lack a psylink.
  • Heat dispersal (Spectrum) – Carriers of these genes will either recover from neural heat more quickly, or more slowly.


  • Streamlined anatomy – Carriers of this gene develop biological pathways specially designed to speed up biosculpting.
  • Biosculpter dependency – Carriers of this gene suffer from a degenerative illness known as “geneblight”. This condition will flare up regularly, and worsen over time, unless treated by a biosculpter pod’s medical cycle.
  • Gauranlen tuned – Carriers of this gene have a natural link to gauranlen trees, and find it easier to maintain a link with their queen.
  • Gauranlen dependency – Carriers of this gene have a natural link to gauranlen trees. They need to be soothed by the psychic emanations of a dryad queen, and will suffer from mounting anxiety in the absense of a tree.
  • Submissive – Carriers of this gene are given a sense of pleasure by carrying out orders, and by pleasing their perceived masters.
  • Terrified – Carriers of this gene have an overactive fight-or-flight response, and are easily frightened in many situations. They can’t even handle basic combat without becoming overwhelmed and fainting.
  • Dryad face – Carriers of this gene develop a wide mouth and grow a throat sac, producing a dryad-like appearance.
  • Dryad voice – Carriers of this gene have vocal chords that can imitate the croaks and warbles of dryads.

Please let me know what you think of the mod. I hope to continue working on it, tweaking and improving existing features while also adding new ones. Any feedback about balancing or gameplay feel helps me out a lot.

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