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Improved Need Indicator Mod

Author of the Improved Need Indicator Mod: missionz3r0

The Improved Need Indicator Mod adds tooltip text to inform the player how long a pawn has until mood debuffs.

Improved Need Indicator Mod features

Needs Indicators Implemented

  • Food
  • Recreation
  • Rest

Needs Indicators On Deck

  • Beauty

Need Indicators Upcoming

  • Chemical
  • Comfort
  • Deathrest
  • Energy
  • Indoors
  • Kill Satiety
  • Learning
  • Outdoors
  • Play

Why? Because I spent three hours building a spreadsheet to figure out how long my pawns sleep and just knew there had to be a better way. Sleep alone is a complicated formula using the pawn’s own ‘Rest Rate Multiplier’, bed type, bed material, bed quality, and number of sleep accelorators. Did you know making the bed out of marble to get that sweet beauty bonus makes your pawn sleep longer? Or that Jade doesn’t count as stone and works the same as wood? Who knew?! I fricken didn’t.

Don’t fall down the same rabbit hole I did. We’ve done the work for you here. Install the mod, shower us with praise, and sleep better than ever.

Additional credits:

WhoAmCh: Coding and Language Translations
Missionz3r0: Coding and DevOps

I (missionz3r0) want to convey my thanks to AmCh. They did the lions share of the coding in this mod. Be sure to shower them with adulations.

GitHub Did I mention it’s open source too?

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