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Illithid Xenotype Mod

Author of the Illithid Xenotype Mod: Sovereign

Illithids are a race of psychically gifted, archotech-enhanced xenohumans. Armed with frightening mental abilities, they seek dominion over all. The scourge of every world they set upon, the illithids prey upon the weak and feebleminded, enthralling them into doing their bidding as mindless slaves. Yet an even worse fate awaits those strong enough to resist them, as upon capture they are infected with illithid tadpoles that rapidly change them into another illithid, adding the host’s unique strengths into their own ranks. Struggling in direct combat, they prefer to hang back, directing their thralls while floating above the battlefield and distributing their foes with their psychic abilities.

Illithid Xenotype Mod features

This mod add a new xenotype that makes more of itself with the use of tadpoles. They usually need a lot of slaves to flourish. This mod comes with careful balancing, custom sounds and a TON of effort. Enjoy!

This mod adds 1 xenotype, 1 scenario, 1 weapon, 1 building.

You can’t craft or build them and you need the custom scenario to access them.
The Xenotype will spawn natural in your game but does not have it’s own faction.

New Objects

New Genes

Compatibility notes

The Xenotype is compatible with other xenotypes even modded ones!

Athena Framework additional visual effects.

Additional credits:

  • SirVan yelled at me till the staff looked good.
  • Detvisor  made the preview background.
  • Visander made the amazing Illithid Storyteller art. Throw every single penny you have in his direction for the amazing Storyteller. https://ko-fi.com/visandar
  • Elseud  made the illithid head and the descriptions.
  • Catlover  made the descriptions for the scenario.

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