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Idle Dungeon Looting Mod

Author of the Idle Dungeon Looting Mod: Alex Nares

We have discovered that there was once an underground civilization living deep below the surface, in a complex series of interconnected dungeons. But they’re all gone now. What happened to them? Who knows, but we know one thing: they left a lot of loot down there.

Idle Dungeon Looting Mod features

Build a tunnel leading to a vast network of dungeons hidden below the surface, to scavenge various loot!

New Building: Dungeon Entrance

This mod adds a new building to the Production category “Dungeon Entrance”. Once built, you can create bills to send your pawns into the dungeon in search of random loot! Nearly every item in the base game can be found!

The dungeon can also be upgraded by building a Dungeon Upgrade (found in Misc build category).

Balanced Drop Lists

The chance to find each item, and quantity, are influenced by the item’s default Market Value; the higher the value, the more rare it will be, and it comes in lesser amounts.

Dungeon progress saves when interrupted

Did raiders show up right after your pawn went into the dungeon? Not to worry, you can draft them for the fight without consequence!

If a pawn’s scavenging is interrupted for any reason, their progress towards finding loot is saved in a treasure map “unfinished object” (similar to unfinished sculptures). When the same pawn resumes scavenging, they will use the treasure map to continue where they left off. Each pawn’s progress is tracked individually, so a different pawn cannot continue another pawn’s progress.

Scavenging Job

Scavenging is considered a “Hauling” job. As such, any pawns who are too snobby for Dumb Labor will never consider fumbling around in a dark disgusting dungeon for loot. Ugh, leave that to the labor-class.

Pawns will automatically begin looting the dungeon when there is no other Hauling work to do, if there is an active bill and they have the skill requirements. However you can command them to explore the dungeon any time.

Earn Intellectual XP and find more loot at higher levels

Scavenging takes wits to explore unknown territory, avoid ancient traps, solve the dungeon’s riddles, and locate loot. As such, it is governed by the “Intellectual” skill and provides a mood buff for pawns with Intellectual Passion.

Pawns will earn Intellectual XP while scavenging the dungeon. At higher levels, pawns have the ability to save their inventory space and search for specific types of loot instead of just picking up whatever random thing they find in the first room like a random noob. (this is done by selecting different bills)

As a pawn’s Intellectual skill increases, they will begin to access to deeper dungeons. This is automatically handled by the game in the form to 2 new Pawn Stats called “Dungeon Speed” and “Dungeon Yield”. At low levels, pawns clear basic dungeons for a small amount of loot. At higher levels, pawns explore deeper and larger dungeons, which take more time to complete but yield more loot.

Dungeon Speed and Dungeon Yield are also affected by Movement Speed, Manipulation, and Sight. Please note, the number of items shown in the “Products” of the bill do not necessarily represent what you will get, or how many. The number is the default number of rolls the game makes to drop items, but you can get more or less rolls depending on Dungeon Yield.

As a bonus, this mod provides an additional use for the Intellectual skill after all research has been completed.

Credit to MrKociak for creating the community asset which facilitates random item drops.



Version 1.5
Idle Dungeon Looting Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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