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I can fix it! Mod

Author of the I can fix it! Mod: ZorbaTHut
  • —Sparkles?
  • —Yeah, boss?
  • —Remind me why we’re locked in a closet.
  • —There’s wargs outside, boss. They’d probably eat us.
  • —Wargs.
  • —Yep.
  • —Why are there wargs outside?
  • —There was a gap in the wall, so they just, y’know, came right in.
  • —They just came right in?
  • —Sure thing, boss. Just walked through the wall.
  • —How did they walk through the wall?
  • —Well, there was a hole in the wall.
  • —And why was there a hole in the wall?
  • —That was the raiders, boss. Blew it up with grenades.
  • —The raiders. Got it.
  • —Sure thing. Can’t stand those raiders.
  • —Sparkles?
  • —Yeah, boss?
  • —Did I, or did I not, tell you to repair the wall?
  • —Sure did! Patched it all up in a few hours, just like you asked.
  • —Then why was there a hole in the wall?
  • —Well, they destroyed that part of the wall, boss.
  • —And so you didn’t repair it?
  • —Can’t repair it, boss. It’s destroyed. Not there anymore.
  • —Could you… build a new wall, maybe? In the same spot as the old one?
  • —Oh, yeah. Could’ve done that, I suppose.
  • —Why didn’t you?
  • —Didn’t tell me to build a new wall, boss. Just repair the old wall.
  • —Right. Got it.
  • —Y’know… boss…
  • —…Yes?
  • —Just occurred to me. Maybe I should have built a new wall?
  • —…
  • —You know. Where the old one was.
  • —…
  • —And then the wargs wouldn’t have gotten in.
  • —…
  • —And eaten our dogs.
  • —…
  • —And trapped us in this closet.
  • —…
  • —Maybe that would have been a good idea, boss?
  • —…Yes, Sparkles. That would have been a good idea.
  • —Great, boss! I’ll do that next time.
  • —Wonderful. You do that.
  • —Glad I could help!
  • —Sparkles?
  • —Yeah, boss?
  • —How are you with melee weapons?
  • —Terrible, boss!
  • —Perfect. Here, take this spear.

With the I can fix it! Mod destroyed buildings will leave behind a construction ghost, meaning that your builders will automatically rebuild things once they get a chance. Also, due to how bright construction plans are, it’ll be a lot easier to see what’s been destroyed.

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Version 1.4
I can fix it! Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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