RimWorld Mods

Hunters Use Melee! Mod

Author of the Hunters Use Melee! Mod: Mlie

Hunters Use Melee! is a small mod that allows hunters to make use of melee weapons to do their job as well as ranged. This is a complete and original reimplementation of the concept set forth by “Melee Hunting” made by LockdownX7 and maintained by Keeper.

Compatibility notes

The Hunters Use Melee! Mod is safe to add or remove from a savegame. The mod doesn’t make lasting changes to the game.

Now featuring: Support for non-weapon hunting (using fists) and for Simple Sidearms, a mod I highly recommend 🙂 Both are optional and can be enabled in the new mod settings menu.

This mod however uses Harmony and tries to be as minimal as possible, to run as clean as it can.

Special Thanks to all the helpful people over at the RimWorld Discord who have helped me a lot.


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