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Hunter Mechanoid Mod

Author of the Hunter Mechanoid Mod: hYPERION

Teh Hunter Mechanoid Mod adds a new worker mechanoid capable of hunting, slaughtering, and taking animals to pens.

Hunter Mechanoid Mod features


  • 2 Bandwith
  • 3 Hunting stealth
  • 3.4 Movement speed
  • Same armor amount as a militor
  • Hunts marked animals alongside slaughtering and taking domesticated ones to pens.


  • 100 Steel
  • 4 Components
  • 1 Stylish Standard Subcore
  • 1 Shooting skill package – Only if Mechanitor Balance Tweaks is loaded.
  • 1 Gestation Canister – Only if Mechanitor Balance Tweaks is loaded.
  • Requires standard mechtech and Gunsmithing researches.
  • 3 Gestation cycles

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