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House Maid Nukos Mod

Authors of the House Maid Nukos Mod: Vaniat, lolidrop

At the end of the 32nd century, a cat enthusiast genetic scientist decided to combine the human and cat genes to create a new species: the Nuko (or Catwoman). When the first Nukos were born a dispute arose over their “human” rights but, in the end, because they were so cute, they were allowed to live among families.

House Maid Nukos Mod features

Since they are a product of genetic engineering, nukos are generally very beautiful and cute, with a few defective products. The average height of a nuko is only 105 meters. They are weaker than a healthy human female.

It is impossible for nukos to carry out complicated calculations and thinking: their IQ at the highest level is equivalent to a 12-year-old human child. But they are naturally docile and friendly towards humans. They are gentle, considerate, patient and delicate. They have flexible hands and feet that allow them to carry out light work. Many families are happy to adopt a nuko to help with housework and care for the children.

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