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Hospital Mod

Author of the Hospital Mod: Adamas

The Hospital Mod adds a new event type “Patient arrived”. It allows you to run a hospital and get goodwill/silver in return.

Hospital Mod features

The patient will arrive in a drop pod. You have to either tend to their wounds, cure their disease or perform a surgery.

Note that the mod has two settings that are disabled by default and allows you to open/close your hospital and accept surgeries.

The amount of patients that will knock on your door will depend on the number of free beds marked as hospital beds. It will take into account that there are enough hospital beds for half of your colony as well in case of raids for example.

The type of surgery you can be asked for depends on the materials you have – if you create a bionic arm, you can get a patient that wants it installed. In case you do not want to perform the surgery you can dismiss the patient without penalty in the patient overview screen.

If you take good care of a patient, he/she leaves you with silver and goodwill with their faction. If you mess up, you can get a bad reputation really quickly.

Have fun!

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