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Holy Washer Mod

Author of the Holy Washer Mod: DemonkushDemonkush

The Holy Washer Mod introduces the Halinka 2000: the newest washer from SMA Industries. With it you can wash all your clothes only with power! But it also includes a metal basin for those who don’t have power! It’s a simple solution for those who want a more immersive way to get rid of that worn by corpse effect from clothes.


Holy Washer Mod features

  • Halinka 2000: a washer that removes the “Worn by a corpse” effect from any clothes without breaking it or changing its type of color. It comes with realistic sound of washing machine! It requires power to use.
  • Metal Basin: an alternative to wash clothes without requiring power.

Two research projects are required before building the Halinka 2000 or the Metal Basin.

Additional notes

Legal notes: You may do everything with this mod as long as it not for commercial purposes. You can use it in your modpack whenever you want.

If you find any bugs or conflicts please report those there.

Additional credits: C# code by Blacharnia and Xml code and artwork by sma342. Many thanks to Glendening’s friend for side and back textures! Erdelf – for helping with updating it to b18! Coalcat – for making the metal basin textures for older versions!
And HCSK Team for making textures for 1.0 update!


Version 1.5
Holy Washer Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.5

Older versions:

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