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Hideous Destructor – ZM66 Assault Rifle Mod

Author of the Hideous Destructor – ZM66 Assault Rifle Mod: GrahammerTek

Adds the ZM66 from Hideous Destructor, a Doom gameplay mod.

“The basic infantryman’s weapon of the 22nd century.”

Hideous Destructor – ZM66 Assault Rifle Mod features

Compatibility notes

CE Info:

Extremely accurate thanks to its scope, and its bullpup design makes it compact and easy to control. It deals slightly less damage than 5.56 but has about the same armor penetration and has less recoil. Holds 50 rounds in its magazine. Uses a proprietary 4.26mm UAC Caseless cartridge.
Unlocked after researching both Precision Rifling + Advanced Optoelectronics.

Vanilla Info:

Much more accurate than the assault rifle and higher range, but deals slightly less damage. Fires quickly between bursts.
Unlocked after researching both Precision Rifling + Fabrication.


Q: Combat Extended Compatible?
A: Hell yeah it is.

Q: Will you add the other weapons from Hideous Destructor?
A: Unfortunately I no longer have interest in HD and will not be doing anything related to it anytime soon. I only released this because someone requested it.

Q: Will you add the magazine DRM/Catastrophic overheating/High jam rate of the real ZM66?
A: No, as funny as that would be it would make this gun useless.

Q: Why is the weapon description so long?
A: The description is taken from the official Hideous Destrutor lore manual, in all its glory.

If you want to talk to me personally or for commisions, contact grahammertek on Discord.

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