RimWorld Mods

Hex’s Simple Precepts Mod

Author of the Hex’s Simple Precepts Mod: Hexdragon

Adds new and simple precepts, similar to the Research precept, so you can control many more stats. Just so you have more options to mess around with when making an ideology. The mod is completely XML based so as vanilla as it can be.

I’m also open to suggestions!

Hex’s Simple Precepts Mod features

It adds the following adjustable precepts:

  • Animal Gathering speed
  • Animal Learning Speed
  • Outdoors Beauty
  • Bed Rest Effectiveness
  • Caravan Riding Speed
  • Certainty Loss
  • Cleaning time
  • Construction Speed
  • construction Success
  • Conversion Power
  • Door opening speed
  • Eating Speed
  • Filth multiplier
  • Learning Factor
  • Cold Insulation
  • Heat Insulation
  • Joy Gain Factor
  • Medical Tend Speed/Quality
  • Mining Speed/Yield
  • Move speed
  • Pawn Beauty
  • Plant work speed/yield
  • Pruning speed
  • Shooting accuracy short/medium/long
  • Smoothing speed
  • Ideo spread
  • Social Impact
  • Animal Taming
  • Toxic Environment Resistance
  • Trade Price
  • Work Speed
  • Work Table Speed

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