Hand-To-Hand Mod

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Author of the Hand-To-Hand Mod: Chicken Plucker

The Hand-To-Hand Mod will allow your pawns to perform hand-to-hand abilities to have an advantage over their opponents in melee combat.

  • The Hand-To-Hand Mod adds 9 custom melee abilities for your pawns that they can use to knock out enemies.
  • Includes autocasting!
  • Pawns will now path towards target (unlike previous versions)
  • Based on the original “[CP] Takedown” mod series
  • Discombobulate
  • There is no mercy in this Dojo, is there?
  • Yes, if you discombobulate a caravan muffalo, you will annoy your allies.
  • Ability chance to fail affected by target’s mass and melee skill
  • Ability chance is also affected by your pawn’s melee skill
  • NPCs can use these moves against you as well

Warning: Knockout durations are at max of 2-3 in-game hours (unlike previous versions), depending on the ability your target will get up in a few seconds so do not assume these moves will put them to sleep forever.

  • Pawns can now path to their target unlike previous versions
  • You can enable/disable or hide ability buttons in mod options
  • Abilities have a chance to fail
  • Abilities on success and failure have a cooldown timer
  • Chance to fail is affected by three factors: 1. User’s melee skill 2. Target’s melee skill 3. Target’s mass
  • Enemies can use these abilities against you as well

Note: Disabling autocast or abilities (not hiding, disabling) will disable them for both you and NPCs.


Note: Pawn had 20 melee skill for testing purposes.

Highly recommend to abandon old versions of any “[CP] Takedown” mods. May have possible issues with Combat Extended (requires testing). Safe to disable mid save? Unknown (requires testing)

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.


Version: 1.4

Alert! The Hand-To-Hand Mod requires the Harmony Library in order to work.

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