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Half-Life Combine radio chatter Mod

Authors of the Half-Life Combine radio chatter Mod: Ouroboros, Taranchuk

The Half-Life Combine radio chatter Mod adds radio chatter from Combine soldiers and Overwatch from Half-life. I commissioned this mod because I mostly roleplay high-tech militaristic colonies. The voices of the combine and overwatch can easily by the stretch of imagination apply to other roleplaying themes. Like Enclave, BoS, etc.

Half-Life Combine radio chatter Mod features

Clicking, moving and attacking plays a voiceline.
When you arrest a colonist overwatch will announce it.
When you down an enemy your colonist will announce it.
Colonist hurt or dying also has voice acting lines.

When there are raids or infestations, overwatch will announce it. For some events a base wide alert happens instead. Solar flare, transport crash, toxic fallout, problem causer (offsite machine), and mental break events has Overwatch announcing them.

Alarms lasts 15ish seconds. They sound awesome, but they can be heavy on the ears if it lasted for the entire event. So the loop has a cap. There is a short cooldown on unit replies to prevent spam.

Any ideas, suggestions, feedback etc. is welcome.

Note: I added a video. Though it is a bit outdated as a good amount of changes was made. The video is just for demo purposes to get a general idea of what this mod does.





Version 1.4
Half-Life Combine radio chatter Mod is not updated to RimWorld 1.4

Older versions:

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