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Guns Galore – Core Mod

Author of the Guns Galore – Core Mod: Slippin’ Jimmy

This mod adds no weapons, only the workbenches and research projects used to create ones from other modules. Check them out in the collections above.

Guns Galore – Core Mod features

  • Supports working multi-caliber firearms, alternate firing modes, and underbarrel weapons (grenade launchers, breaching shotguns, etc) where applicable, thanks to Vanilla Expanded Framework’s MVCF functions.
  • Combat Extended – Adds dozens of new calibers and cartridges from all over history. It also makes minor changes to the ammunition sets for a few existing types (namely allowing real life inter-compatible cartridges to be used in the same weapons; 7.62x25mm Tokarev guns can now use 7.63x25mm Mauser, .460 S&W can now use .454 Casull, .45 Schofield, etc.)


Q: CE Compatible?
A: Yes.

Q: Why is the research structured the way it is?
A: The total number of weapons currently on the assembly line is over 2000 and will only increase as more packs are released. While having a pack enabled will load every weapon within into the game, having thousands of weapons showing up in your crafting menus will overclutter them and can even cause game lag. Thus, separate research projects (most of which cost very little) and separate workbenches are used to offset this problem. Most individual research projects that unlock new guns only cost 10 research points, meaning you can unlock them practically immediately when available.

Q: What does the setting “Use preset gun spawns” do?
A: It removes the default “generic” tags used in the base game from vanilla factions (and a handful of supported mods) in favor of this mod’s own internal tags. You’ll get somewhat more sensible loadouts – Empire troopers will only use very modern weapons, VFE Settlers will use old weapons as befitting a wild west faction, Outlanders will come equipped with a huge range of weapons ranging from obsolete to brand new, etc.

The setting also modifies the weapon money values for certain pawnkinds; for example, increasing the max count for some raiders so that they can spawn with AK-47s.

Generally I would recommend you keep this setting off unless you know what you’re doing.

Q: This mod adds too much.
Yes. Cherry Picker is your friend. Nevertheless, Guns Galore was constructed with quantity in mind over everything else.

Compatibility notes

This mod is NOT required if you are using the all-in-one version. Do not enable both at the same time.

Additional credits:

  • Jicker / Slippin’ Jimmy – Art, XML
  • Vanilla Expanded Team – Multi-Verb system, CompOversizedWeapon, and settings patching functionality.


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